There are many reasons as to why we feel sad from time to time. It can be due to problems in our work life, love life, other relationships or something else. Feeling sad is an emotion that passes by with time and you eventually heal yourself. Unlike depression, where there doesn’t have to be a specific reason to depressed. People who have combatted depression have said that it doesn’t have to be a reason. It can hit you just anytime anywhere, right between middle of a conversation with someone, you can feel a huge void in your heart and you will have no explanation for that. Anxiety depression has to be treated like any other disease. It is a psychiatric disorder and seeking help from a qualified professional is what should be done.

Most counsellors suggest that the first step in fighting depression is to address it. Once you have acknowledged the fact that what you are going through is depression and it can be treated just like any other body diseases, you have moved closer to freedom from such feeling as many people don’t even realise that they are going through depression.

Anxiety disorders are more gruesome than they seem. They can just trigger fear thoughts in people about things that usually people wouldn’t even give a second thought about. It is like a cycle. When you get anxious, you tend to over think, which leads to feeling of helplessness making you feel as if you have failed and you move into depression.

If you are looking for depression counselling in Mumbai, make sure the doctor is a certified one and has a good background review. The therapist helps you break the cycle we mentioned about. He or she helps you come up with a plan and may also provide you with medicines that help get out of your misery.



No relationship is simple. Every relationship sees its crests and troughs. Not all days are good and not all day are going to remain sour. A little disagreement exists in every relationship, but how the two people accommodate each other’s wants and wishes and concerns, it what makes the relationship stronger over time. The butterflies of initial days die down after a while and the relationship starts getting stable. It is then that the problems stop cropping up. You start seeing your partner in different light. You also show your different side to your partner. Everything is in open out there once the early adrenaline rush soothes down.

Each problem takes time to be solved. But if the problem goes out of hands, then it becomes necessary to include someone else in the mess who can help us get some clarity. A family therapist in Mumbai aims at helping you and your partner find that clarity. Arguments fire up when both partners feel the other person isn’t able to understand their stance. This is a clear problem of communication. A therapist will only facilitate this process, keeping each side in front of the couple, to give them a clear picture and help them understand.

Different couples have different problems and issues. Each problem needs to have a different way to tackle the issue. An outburst happens when either one or both partners keep negative feelings hidden from each other about any issue, thinking it might make the other person furious. Communication plays a major role in the right functioning of a relationship. Once a relationship turns into a marriage, the cards played change entirely. It is no more something you can just easily break up. Marriage needs readiness to accept the person as a whole with the commitment of being with them even in the toughest of times. A couple therapist Mumbai based might have some exercises to rebuild the magic in the relationship that seems to have got lost.

There are plenty of problems that a couple therapy session can help resolve. However, one should bear in mind that any kind of therapy or counselling will only work when both parties actually want to do something about it and want to save their relationship. Otherwise, everything will just be in vain.

When things go sore, it is always better to seek help from a well-qualified professional. You will not only gain good insights but also get proper support that your relationship needs.


There is no couple that does not have problems in relationships. The feel good phase or as many like to say, “The honeymoon phase” doesn’t last for more than three to six months. A relationship is a commitment that many people think twice before getting into, as it brings along with it a lot of other responsibilities. Imagine what level of responsibility marriage brings with itself then.

A wedding is a function that ends in a few days, but a marriage is a bond and a promise of a lifetime and the commitment is huge. To give your entire life to someone isn’t an easy thing after all. Marital issues and fears associated with it will come along with it. Sometimes people face issues to give a commitment. And that is when a therapy session is required. A well-qualified professional counsellor helps individuals deal with their fears related to commitments.

Though not a very regular practice, there are people who visit a marriage counsellor. The goal is not just to kill the fear of marital issues, but also make a person accepting enough of their responsibilities as a spouse.

There might be multiple reasons for problems in a relationship. What matters is how the two people choose to tackle them. It is important that a couple sits down and talks about the problems they are facing in the relationship. Small issues later become large which later spill over physical intimacy as well.

In some cases, couples do well for a period of time and then later find themselves over whelmed with the responsibilities that marriage brings with them. Research even suggests that the risk of marital issues and divorce is high in the early stages of marriage and the also risk increases when the couple has children and so on.


In today’s fast paced world, we fail to pay attention to people around us. There are so many individuals around who wear a mask of happiness but are damaged deep within. These are the people who need our love and support of all kind. We may not know their pain and the state of mind they are in, but the void in their lives remain. As we have progressed as a society, there has been a proportionate increase in the number of people suffering from mental health issues and are forced to seek mental health counseling.

And not just adults, mental health issues like depression, anxiety are becoming a growing concern in the teens as well. With the competition to be the best on the rise, the pressure that is put on kids is way more than they can actually handle. The blame game as to what or who causes this in kids is not going to see an end. But the kids can definitely be helped out. But how? Through counselling. Many schools and colleges today have a separate counselling department with a qualified mental health therapist dedicated to listening to problems of students (emotionally/mentally) and helping them carve their own path out of it.

As every human is unique, so is the reason for depression different from each one. There are many different things that can affect a person’s mental health. It can sometimes be way too over whelming for a person suffering with depression to even speak up about it, leave alone seeking medical help on their own.

A person who is suffering from depression might not even realise that they are going through a medical issue that can be tackled. The first step to freeing them from their condition is addressing the issue and secondly convincing them or rather showing them that there is nothing abnormal with them and they can be pulled out of this state of theirs. For a person who is suffering from depression help would mean having a non-judgemental ear listening to them patiently so that they can slowly unfold the pages of their lives that have been hurting them.

Sometimes, there may not be an external reason for depression too. Medically speaking, any problem that disturbs the smooth functioning of the chain of chemical events that happen in the brain can impact a person’s mental health negatively. Depression has been linked to imbalances in the brain specifically with neurotransmitters serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine.

What we can do as someone related to a person suffering with depression, is not treating them as someone different. One of the major fears that they have is of being treated differently from others. Acceptance is a very important thing to them. Create an environment such that they will be able to talk to you openly without the fear of being judge in any way. Patience comes next. They might get moody, stressed or anything, but patience is what is needed. Depression can be defeated, it just needs to be tackled the right way.


Every couple has issues between them. Some of them small that are manageable and some of them that need to be addressed properly. We usually do turn to our friends as a relationship advisor. But does it always help? In any kind of relationship, it is important that there is a 50-50 partnership between two people. It is like a bicycle that runs of two wheels, the two people being the two wheels, that balance the motion of the cycle and helps it move forward.

Communication plays a major role in working of a relationship. Until and unless two people are not frank and vocal about anything that bothers them in the other partner’s actions, the issue is not going to be handled well. Not doing this is just going to pile things up internally, and you are going to burst out someday, in such an ugly manner, that it is definite to affect the bond between the two people.

When the usual problems also become difficult to address and handle, it is an indication that the couple therapy has to be done. Couple therapy helps the two people understand each other better and see things in a better way from the other person’s point of view and be a little empathetic towards each other.

The common reasons that are addressed in couple therapy are issues with money, parenting, sex, infidelity, gambling, and health issues and so on. The therapist will plan out a way to chalk out issues according to the problem.

When a relationship becomes difficult to work on no matter what you do, seeking help from outside and that too from someone who is qualified to help is the best way to save your relationship and work on it and make it better.

Getting help from outside will help you both get a fresh perspective on many matters.


Teenagers growing up in the digital age seem to have a tough time conquering the world and tend to feel the pressure all the time. There is no disconnect from the online world and the need for therapist for teens is on the rise. The number of teen suicide rates, drug abuse, self-depreciation and lack of self-validation is at an all time high and the numbers seem to be growing. While the world is more connected, the children themselves are growing more and more isolated than ever. The pressure on each child to outdo their peers is growing. Parents growing up in the digital age are still explorers themselves and are unable to understand the implications of not having a digital balance in the lives of children.

Teenagers go through some of the biggest changes in their personality between the ages of 11 and 30. A lot of these changes do not match the changes of their peers. There is a lot of trial and error, experimentation and more. While some children are able to move on to adulthood some children find the transition hard. Therapists for teens have to be very careful with their choice of words and guiding abilities. This is because teenagers are very easily influenced by the company they keep and are often in that space where they want to make decisions that help them to fit in. Growing up has always been one of the toughest phases of our lives where we try to learn through our experiences, making the same mistakes over and over until the lesson has been learnt.

A lot of schools have started looking into the welfare of teens and they are employing a therapist for teens in Mumbai. While schools may have started taking this initiative, the ratio of counselor to child is very low. It is in situations like this that parents need to understand that a school level counseling may not be enough and that your teen may need individual attention from a guidance therapist assigned to their individual needs.


Tired of having the same fights, over and over again? There comes a point where you start questioning both yourself and your partner as to whether the love even exists anymore. It is at this breaking point where a relationship advisor can help you sort out all your problems. It may be a slow process, but if you have already built a relationship with one another that would hurt you to see it go down the drain, then maybe it is just easier to solve it through the help of a professional.

A lot of the problems in relationships seem like they are unconquerable mountains, but once you begin the trek towards solving them, there is no turning back. When both members of the relationship feel like they can get their relationship to work, yet are unable to do so within themselves and decide that they need external help and are both willing to go through this problem, nothing is unachievable.

Sometimes even individual therapy can help at least one person from the relationship benefit as they then learn how to cope with their partner and both of them can mutually benefit from a change in one person’s attitude as well.

Irrespective, it is therapy and an understanding of the situation, by stepping out of the situation and looking at it independently; there are ways to get a resolution. Sometimes you need help and guidance from a third party who already has the experience to look at the situation from the outside and get you going without the trial and error that you may be going through and not being able to decide on which person actually has the best solution to the problem.

When you visit a professional, they have years of experience in the field and similar case studies to draw inferences from and understand routes and methods that would best help your situation. No problem is so out of hand or beyond repair.