Childhood is one of the most innocent phases of a person’s life. It is in this phase that we can let ourselves loose and free and do what we like. It is a time when our everyday being is taken care of by our parents or guardians and that we have to do is play a lot of games, eat well, have good sleep and of course study too. But every child is different and hence, children can have different problems too. If your kid has a problem it will affect their health, mentally and physically and hence it is important to address these issues as soon as possible.

The problems they face might be related to something in school, extra-curricular classes or their friends. Some problems might be of bigger scale like sexual assault, violence, abuse by teacher or any parent and so on. That is why schools today see to it that they recruit the best child psychologist who not only provides a non-judgemental ear to the children so that they talk to him or her freely but also helps them carve out a solution to it.

Child therapy is based on the fact that kids learn by doing. In younger kids these activities are playing, drawing and talking. In older ones, therapists focus on sharing activities and ideas so that they develop skills to learn.

Now what really happens in a therapy? Initially, the therapist would want to know and listen what actually the problem is. They would want to listen to the child’s side of the story. Then accordingly, they help chalk out a plan so that the child gets a solution in a well-structured manner.

This plan includes a lot of talking, doing activities that teaches the kid about feelings and coping skills and so on.




Every family has issues that they face on a day to day basis. These issues maybe internal or external. When you stay with a family, some amount of disagreement is bound to happen. Small disturbances, refutes is a very common scene between the families. But what happens when these family matters get out of hands and cannot be tackled in a sound minded way? How do you know that it is time to see a family therapist in Mumbai? What might be the biggest signal that says so?

A family is one of the most important elements of any individual’s life. It is that concrete support that helps a person stand strong even in the toughest of situations. There is no second thought that a happy and healthy family is evidently very contended from outside. People experience the greatest of joys when they find immense peace within their family.  Even a little amount of quality time spent with one’s family can be a great amount stress buster for an individual. But as mentioned earlier, every family does see its ups and downs. The attempt at balancing between work life and family life does leave a person in a lot of stress, trying to make the most out of both the worlds.

Sometimes, a sudden change like a mental illness, death, natural disaster, financial crisis can leave a family jolted from its roots. In such a situation, the family members may find it difficult to cope with the same, and each member may react differently to the situations. It is important that these circumstances are seen as challenges which need to be faced with unity.

It definitely is a big decision to decide whether or not marriage and family therapy is correct for a family. But actually, taking this decision might just be a big step towards solving issues. A big step taken towards bringing the family back together like before.

But how do we know that it is time that our family needs a family therapy? This question has its own set of symptoms too. One major sign is difficulty in communication. Disagreement to a certain level is normal. But when this starts getting worse like excessive anger, dear, sadness, and depression and so on it is time that some action be taken. Another extreme of this band is the silent treatment. No communication is also something to be worried about. When the family members are not conversing enough, they aren’t going to have any clue about each other’s life, which is in turn going to ruin the unity between the family. When one or more members of the family express feeling helpless or hopeless it could mean that the will and want to fight back to situations is dying out slowly.

There are many therapists available today. But when it comes to your family, it is important that you do a proper research before choosing any. Check for the reviews that they have and the experience that they bring with themselves. Also, it is not necessary to open up to a therapist all in one go. If you and a therapist don’t vibe, you could very well walk to the next on. But when it comes to family, it is inevitable to be careful.



There has always been a lot of prejudice when it comes to seeing a counselling psychologist or getting a stress management therapy. As much as people are aware about mental illness today, there is still a huge chunk of population that sees it as a taboo. They believe that there is nothing as persistent sadness and it is all just a phase of life which will pass with time. However, they fail to understand that having a mental issue is as common as having a cold, but if not treated on time, can worsen and be irretrievable also.

Like we have doctor for everything else today, we have doctors’ therapists for this as well who stress on the importance of stress management. The aim of these doctors is to provide you with a psychology therapy so good, that it successfully gets you out of the misery that you are in. There is a lot of speculation about these psychologists as well. But these doctors are trained to treat their patients with a lot of empathy and provide a completely non-judgemental ear to them. They know that one of the reasons that their patients come to them is also because they do not have someone who they can confide into or someone who would listen to them.

It is a shame that many people who are in dire need of medication and therapy are still no way close to getting the help they need. Many a times they don’t even know that they are in depression, leave alone seeing a counselling therapist. All we as citizens can do is spread awareness in these areas that do not have access to such information as much as possible. So that, in near future, people will approach a therapist just as any other doctor without any pre-notions in their head and get treated and free from their condition.



We all face some or the other types of problems in life. It can be professionally, in personal life, in family or anything else. Usually, human is tuned to solve their problems on their own and end up on a solution to it. Life indeed is about fighting battles and everyday challenges that we face. But sometimes, we may get defeated in them. This might be due to multiple reasons. At times, people get tired of fighting their inner demons so much, that they tend to give up. This is when a health psychologist steps in.

When a person is unable to carve a solution to their problems or the help and support provided by the near and dear ones also fails to help, it is then that they need to see a counselling psychologist. A counselling psychologist may not give a sure shot single solution to the problem, but definitely helps the individual figure out a path for the same. They provide them with instructions of baby steps that they can take towards healthy healing. The main aim for the therapist is that the client in concern should be able to look at his or her problems with a new and different perspective so they can reach a solution on their own.

There are many health psychologists today. But it is important that you choose your psychologist wisely because they are the ones that you open up to and trust all the information with. It is also important that you vibe with your psychologist, that is, you need to be comfortable with them. Once the comfort level and rapport is set, it helps you open up and ease into the process.

In this world full of chaos, it is very important for us to find our peace. It helps you to be centred and conscious of your actions.


Mental health is something you shouldn’t be careless about and hence it needs special care and advice. A mental health therapist is an ideal person to reach out to. There are psychological therapies that work amazingly in curing many mental health problems. A therapist plays a major role in curing the problems and it is important to make the correct decision regarding the same. Before you learn about the services of a mental therapist, you got to honestly analyze and decide on what you want to focus on in life. Be it addiction, poor communication skills, bad love life, career, or any other thing that is being affecting your mind majorly. Doing this would ease your as well as the therapist’s job. With this they may also succeed in finding other dark patches of your life that need more attention. So deciding on the main focus helps with the start of healing.

Using the power of your mind to overcome the obstacles that you’re facing in life is something the psychological therapist is expert in doing. Many people feel ashamed in accepting the fact that they are suffering from a mental problem. But, we need to get over that mentality and accept it just as we do for other health related problems. So, instead of reaching out to a medical doctor, expert in mental disorders, decide on what kind of mental disorder analyst would you feel comfortable with. You need to select on according to your preferences regarding gender, age, and sometimes ever race because it is important that your mind is at ease while conversing with the mental therapist. Mental health counseling is no joke; it is a job, demanding precision and truthfulness. Not every patient with these problems requires the same kind of treatment. There are different solutions for different problems. These therapies are mainly divided in 3 categories: Behavioral therapies, humanistic therapies, and psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies.

Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies focuses on your thinking or behavior. It believes in the possibility of change in your behavior and your thinking ability and thereby helps you get over a particular problem. With the behavioral therapy, it concentrates on your phobias and addictions. The cognitive therapy deals with how the thoughts and opinions affect our behavior, while the cognitive behavioral therapy aims at working on both cognitive and behavioral therapies, dealing with phobia, depression, as well as anxiety.

Humanistic Therapies are more about one’s self-development, growth, and life responsibilities. This calls for the Gestalt Therapy that focuses on the individual as a whole, also keeping in consideration a person’s thoughts and emotions. Plus, Person-Centered Counseling aims to aim at concentrating on the thoughts and experiences without being judgmental about it.

Psychoanalytical and Psychodynamic Therapies is directed to person’s unconsciousness. This takes you way back in their childhood times and how it manages to influence your present. Thanks to Psychoanalysis, this therapy focuses on the individual’s unconsciousness must have taken birth during their gone childhood.

So, this tells us how important it is to choose a mental therapist with utmost precision and care.


Depression is an evil that does not leave anyone. It is a very serious illness that not only affects adults, but also the adolescents and teenagers. Depression holds the power to affect our thoughts, feelings, behavior, and health in general. Teens, nowadays, are getting prone to this because of high stress level in everything that they choose to do in life. There can be many reasons for depression, and it can be cured, but only it worked on it with self-will. Major depression and manic depression also called bipolar disorder are the 2 types of depressions. Major depression is about randomly feeling down or sad, while the bipolar disorder is not only about feeling sad and down sometimes but also feeling agitated and reckless. Regularity in these symptoms demands for you to call a counselor, psychologist, or even a family member. A therapist for teens is the perfect person to consult at that time.

At times, teens don’t get the precise help required and when untreated, that’s when depression takes over entirely. But, many are helped immediately and treated with the best therapies available. So, it is important to pay attention to the signs that lead to clinical depression. Following are few of the signs that result in clinical depression:-

Feeling sad and guilty for no good reason, crying randomly and more than normal, and feeling tired and restless the majority of the times are just the right signs of depression. If a teen sleeps for longer than normal or if he/she cannot sleep at night, depression is around the corner. An unnecessary change in your eating habits is another sign of being depressed. All of a sudden, if one stops liking his/her favorite hobbies, it’s a signal. If being alone is what you prefer and if being around people bothers you, you need a therapist.

These are the few of the signs of depression, and need to be helped at the right time. There are therapist for teens Mumbai and offer the best therapies available.




Childhood is that time of a person’s life when we he or she is the most gullible and vulnerable. It is at this stage of their lives that they can be easily be influenced and their believes can be carved. A couple of years ago, the life of a typical 10-11 year old would involve a specific time for school, meal, play time, studies and sleeping. Their co-curricular activity was usually for their recreational purpose and hobby and nothing too complicated.

If you ask a child psychologist, they would confirm this fact that the number of children that were bought for therapy back then was much less compared to today’s numbers. Today children are pit against each other in this race to be the best in everything. Best in academics, best in sports, best in dance, arts, crafts and so much more. All this is bound to add burden over the child’s tender shoulders. In case they are unable to achieve the benchmark that is set by their parents, they are usually made to feel guilty and end up feeling worthless for not being able to fulfil their parent’s expectations.

This can lead to additional pressure over the child which will in affect him or her mentally. If this happens, it is the duty of the parents to take him for a child therapy. A psychologist is specialised in providing you and your child with all the support and mental exercising helping him or her to stabilise. It is important that a parent pays close attention to their child’s behaviour as symptoms of depression and anxiety can be easily spotted in kids.

It is also vital that parents create an environment of ease at home, where the children can come up to the parents and talk openly about the problems they are facing with any of their daily activities.