There is always a lot happening in our lives. Be it professionally, or personal life. There are going to be and there are ups and downs. All we can do is deal with these problems. The stepping tone to fighting your problems is acceptance of the problems. When you acknowledge a problem, you acknowledge its presence and also the fact that is can be removed. That you can be freed from your misery. There are many people of this generation today who complain about feeling void or about feeling empty and of lack of excitement. These are some of the early symptoms of depression but also very crucial ones. People who need depression help through a counsellor generally tend to believe that there is no body in this world who will understand their problems, their stand. They feel lonely.

There is some kind of stigma attached to this condition. Even though there have been awareness campaigns world wide in all these decades, a large group of people still looks down upon people who seek help from a therapist or a counselling psychologist. There is this stigma which is embedded in people’s minds for centuries. This is why, many a times, people who suffer depression, avoid expressing themselves to anyone, thinking that they are never going to be understood and that they will only be left as a laughing stock of town and nothing more. So, it is very important to note the way in which you deal with a person suffering from depression. One thing that they need the most is careful listening and that too which is non-judgemental. Patient listening eases the discomfort and helps the patient speak.

There are many NGOs that are devoted in helping their patients out today.  There are helplines that are set on which a person who does not find comfort in talking to people he or she knows, can call on the helpline and get help for the mental problems they are facing. These numbers are flashed everywhere so that a person when in need, dial the number and contact them.

It is not just adults, but kids face a huge amount of problems too. With growing competitiveness, the kids today are bid against each other in a fight to strive to be on number one position. This applies in academics, sports, other activities as well. Other than this, there are various issues that have been engulfing the innocence of kids today. The number of sexual offence in kids have been on the rise for the past decades. They are most of the times made to believe that whatever happens with them, is their mistake and talking to someone about this is just going to make things worse. If you are a parent or guardian to such a child who has been through abuse before and has now been rescued, it is important that you get them a psychologist who practices child therapy. They are sensitive in handling kids and pulling them out of their misery.



In our daily hectic routine, it becomes impossible to take care of ourselves and our mental health. Many a times we tend to ignore it. But the fact being, that the amount of stress that you take in a day effects your mind and hence also your health eventually. All this adds up and leads to such a point where people even have break downs. Therefore, depression has become on of very common problems in todays’ world. Depression is a mental condition in which people usually feel sad or empty without any specific reason. The symptoms of depression can be varied. In some people this is very evidently seen, while in some, it may be very hard to notice even.

It is important to remember that depression is a condition which is very normal and as common as a flu. However, it has cures too. With the help of depression therapy and medicines, a psychologist can help his or her patient come out of their misery. One of the first things that a psychologist needs to practice curing his or her clients is patience. People fighting depression sometimes need a non-judgemental listening which assures the patient of bringing them out of the misery.

Other than individual problems, there can sometimes be problems between the family as well. These problems might happen because of some death that has happened in the family, an accident, problem between the parents, financial crisis or something else. Seeking help from a family therapist would be one of the first things to consider in case no other efforts put to reconcile work.

It is very important to remember that mental health issues are curable. The first step towards healing comes by acceptance. Once a person accepts their condition, it becomes a little simple to come out of their misery.


Any kind of relationship has its own sets of ups and downs in their journey. When two individuals come together in partnership, it is bound lead to little problems which the couple usually tackle between themselves. But what is these problems become recurring and the couple or either one of the partner is not able to reconcile their marriage or relationship? Usually, they confide into their friends or someone close to family who could be a good relationship advisor to the couple. Sometimes this may work out too. But other times, when this doesn’t work out, it is red alert. Which means, the couple needs to get some professional help if they want to start their relationship afresh.

However, it is important to remember that seeing a family therapist in Mumbai is advisable only if both people really want it all to work out. All this theory does not apply to a relationship that involves a lot of physical or emotional abuse in the past. In such cases, the chapter needs to be closed for never to be opened again. But if the problem persists due to misunderstandings, sudden changes in the family, lack of communication, trust or understanding, then seeking the help of a therapist in advisable. Even if a married couple files for divorce, they are asked to go through a series of couple therapy sessions in hope of giving their relationship another chance.

When you get into a relationship with someone, there is a lot of commitment involved in that. Of course, as human nature, there are many of us who might feel overwhelmed with the responsibility that is suddenly bestowed upon them. But if the relationship has great and smooth understanding, then all this would not seem that difficult too. It is all about how strong a bond those two people share between them to face the challenges that life throws at them. There is a lot that goes in to making a relationship a successful one.

There have been many cases where either of the partner has not been able to open up to their better halves about how they feel about a certain issue. This practice is definitely not advisable because it leads to many things. Firstly, it leads to bottling up of feelings within that person. Secondly, if this person never opens up about how they feel, their partner is going to have absolutely no idea about it which will leave them clueless and will also heel them wondering about their partner’s weird behaviour. Thirdly, if the misunderstanding persists, it might lead to increased distances between the two people.

There are many psychologists who practice couple therapy Mumbai based who you can find over various search engines. Their main aim is to connect all the dots of problems within the couple’s relationship and help them bridge the gap between them.


Every relationship has problems of its own. And it is something that is bound to happen because a relationship involves two different individuals coming together to forms a single bond called love. The strongest pillars that the success of a relationship is based on is the trust, understanding and communication. It is safe to say that the former two are a part of communication. In any kind of relationship, communication is very important. If they do not communicate with each other on what they feel or how they feel about a particular situation, their partner might never know about what their better half is even going through.

When a couple goes through same kind of problem again and again, then they may confide into someone close to them. It could be someone in the family or someone outside who they believe in and have full faith on. But if these sources also fail, then maybe it’s time for the couple to go for couple therapy. In couple therapy the therapist first listens patiently to both the parties and then provides them with specific measures and exercises that can help rebuild the trust and communication between them.

Many marriage counselling psychologists have said time and gain that it is vert important for things to be simple between the two people in relationship, as life is never going to be easy for the two people. It is always going to challenge them with different obstacles. But if the two people have problems within themselves, how are they ever going to face the situation that life has thrown towards them?


In our daily and stressful routine, we tend to neglect the needs of our mind. Our mind is tuned to do many straining tasks in the day but at the same time, it is very important for the brain to get proper amount of rest as well. That is why doctors recommend that we get a sleep of 7 proper hours, undisturbed. This is necessary so that the brain can relax and get refreshed for the functioning of the entire next day. A proper sleep is important for the health of not just the brain but also the body. The more you strain either the mind of the body, the more it affects the other and also your daily life.

This process that we mentioned above is called stress management. Having a good amount of time dedicated to relaxing in our busy schedule is also very important. You can meditate, do yoga, play some sports, listen to good music, exercise and little, read books, dance and there are so many other activities that you can do to relax both your body and mind. As we are raising awareness for stress, it is also important to raise awareness about depression help. Depression is a mental condition in which a person tends to feel sad and helpless almost all the time without even any specific reason.

Studies have shown that many depression patients have confessed on feeling numb and bearing a feeling of nothingness in their hearts. Even if the world around them is happy, their life is supposedly successful and very happening, they feel a sense of void, an emptiness from within which they might not be able to tell the world about, for the fear of being judged or laughed at. All they need at such times is a non-judgemental ear who listens to them patiently and empathetically and then provides a solution to them. In some extreme cases, the therapist might have to prescribe medicines to the patient along with some exercises to help them out.

A family therapist in Mumbai suggests that always look out for symptoms of depression in a person if they seem to behave oddly all of a sudden. Not everyone goes silent and not every is all chirpy. Different people have different ways of showing symptoms. As close ones to someone you care about, it becomes important to watch out for these symptoms. Unfortunately, sometimes people do not even know that what they are going through is depression and it can be curable. For this raising awareness all over is very important. Other than this, it is important to make them feel comfortable and also make them believe that help is very easy to get if they take one step ahead. Acceptance is the first step towards liberation from this misery.

There are many NGOs today that work for the welfare of these patients. Fighting against depression is not an easy battle, but it does not mean that it cannot be won.


Many studies have shown, and it is also a very popular belief that as the years are passing children are becoming smarter and smarter as the generations are passing. A kid born three years after the other would be smarter that the latter. This in turn gives rise to a good amount of competition between the children. This competition can be academic, like in studies, sports, other activities and it is found that it is usually the parents that pressurise the children to person better or be the best in the class and school. This in turn makes the children bitter against each other and they start seeing leisure activities like a competition too. It is good for children to have competitive spirit, but not to an extent where they turn sore towards each other.

Childhood is that phase of our lives that we cherish the most and have enjoyed the most. The innocence that a human has back then sadly starts to fade away as they grow older and the burden of choosing career paths starts taking over, killing the innocent child within the human. With the daily routine to meet ends meet and to earn bread, the child gets lost somewhere to just never return. Dreams, hopes aspirations begin to seize and the big ball of reality hits our lives. Responsibilities of family, pressure from peers and society has many a times led people to choose what they do not want and give up on what they love the most and what they felt would be the best option for them. This in turn leads to them feeling helpless and worthless, pushing them into a vicious cycle a self-doubt and low self-esteem. There are many centres that provide depression counselling in Mumbai.

People might ace what they do in their professional lives, they might be successful and flying heights in terms of career, but all this is going to be unworthy if they are not happy on the inside. If they are not happy with what they do, the success they get doesn’t count anymore. This cycle of feeling unworthy can even push someone into depression. A psychologist providing depression therapy has suggested that many clients they get come to them with identity crisis. Where even though they have had a steady career, they feel insecure about themselves and want to find their true selves. Depression can happen to anyone, anytime. It need not have a specific reason. A person can feel that way without even any actual reason.

Depression does not happen to just adults. Kids can be affected by this condition too. Recognising the symptoms and getting help on time through child therapy is what the parents or the guardian of the child should do. It is important to look out for these symptoms in kids as they are never really going to understand what it is happening to them. Talk to your child if they start staying oddly isolated and silent, if they start throwing tantrums they have never thrown before or if they complain of not feeling happy all the time. Handing kids is a sensitive issue, which is to be done wisely.


Feeling sad is normal. We all feel sad from time to time. The reasons for this sadness may vary. Death or loss of a close one, break up, failure, fight, are some of the instances that make us sad as humans. But eventually, we learn to accept the facts of what has happened, and we move on. Gradually, you feel better and you start living normally again. But what if, this sadness never goes away? What if, you keep feeling sad, and not knowing what is making you sad makes it worse? If these are some of the things that you feel, or know someone who feels this way, then it might be a sign of depression.

Depression can happen to anybody. It could engulf the happiest of souls, richest and successful people. It is important to remember that depression is not a phase as some people who are totally unaware of this condition claim it to be. It is a mental condition, an illness just as common as a cold and it can be treated. However, depression could be a lot more threatening that a general cold or cough. If not treated on time, a person facing depression or someone who needs depression help may fall into this pit more and more and never come back. Pointing out a depression prone person is very difficult. An individual may look very happy and chirpy outside but might be breaking from the inside and nobody would have a clue.

A family therapist in Mumbai suggests that other than proper medication, family support is also very important to a person who is healing from this condition. They need this sense of comfort and belonging. They need to know that if they fall, there are people to hold them and give them all the love and comfort they need. That, if they need to talk to someone, they are there to hear out.