Tricky Teenage Time

The teenage age is a very tricky period of time not only for the parents, but also for the teens themselves. One of the biggest phenomena in their life yet hits them, which is puberty. They undergo physical changes, which are natural, but more importantly, during this period their behavior also majorly changes. You may always see your child as a kid, who is young, naïve and incapable of handling themselves in the outside world. But the sooner you accept that they are growing up and would eventually be doing things independently, the better for you. This does not mean completely letting go of them and not being bothered about their wellbeing. It only means finding a balance between giving them enough space and freedom, and taking authority over them.

It is typical for teenagers to start keeping things to themselves, or prefer sharing more with friends than with the family members. As they grow older they tend to close off the family a bit, which is nothing to worry about, especially considering all the advancements in technology keeping them engrossed in the virtual world. However, if you feel that they are behaving in an unusual way or something is bothering them but they are unable to open up to you and have that conversation, that is when you should make their decision for them and consider child therapy. It is not restricted to children only; child therapists help adolescents facing difficulties too.

You do not want your children to go through horrors like in the TV series 13 Reasons Why. It is alright for your child to have some secretive fun of their own but you should be able to tell when a line is getting crossed, and immediately take action, like consult psychologists, to prevent further damage. You can approach any therapist for teens in Mumbai. In fact almost all Tier 1 and 2 cities should have counselors to guide you. Therefore, do not over analyze your child’s behavior because it may be the age, but at the same time pay attention to their habits and seek help when required.


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