Support Your Child

Child therapy is all about making sure you child has a secure, unfettered childhood. No matter what the issues are that your child may be facing, you have decided, as a parent, to nip it in the bud. This is a smart move. Child therapy can be very helpful for children in their formative years because they are already being channelled into facing their fears and overcoming their difficulties.

Child therapy involves the child’s parent, the child’s teacher, the child’s therapist and of course the child. It is the cohesive effort of all these units, working together to understand and rectify your child’s mental growth, that makes child therapy a successful effort.

When you enrol your child into child therapy, you will notice that the therapist has specially trained years and years; has gathered expertise in the field and is now ready to help your child. There are many different ways to go about with child therapy. Some may use behavioral therapy for children, some may work with art, role playing, creative expression, games and talk therapy.

It is important to monitor your child and understand what behaviour is beyond normal, how long it lasts for and whether it requires external, psychological help or not. Sometimes children go through phases and that is completely normal. But sometimes these phases can be difficult to deal with alone. Children don’t behave the way they do with the intention to be bad, however correcting their wrong behaviour may not always be easy. So in that case you may require the assistance of a child therapist.

When using behavioral therapy for children, therapists go to the core of the problem your child is facing, understand what triggers it and helps the child change their reaction to this trigger by providing an alternate and more appropriate response. It is very easy to help children as they are at the adaptive phase of their life and are willing to accept information and change.


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