Therapy for Couples and Family

When two people come together to unite as one, there could be problems. That is where couple therapy comes into place. Think about it this way, you as an individual have your own set of tastes, preferences, dreams, ideas, and expectations and so on and so forth. Just like that, so does every other human being in the world. So when it comes to marriage; you need to put together all your ideas of how a perfect life is achieved and that is where the word compromise really starts to kick in.

Couple therapy is always a more positive way of approaching problems in a marriage. After you have brought the walls down with all the yelling and screaming; the lack of communication between the two of you and the unwillingness for the ego to bend in front of your significant other; but realising that neither of you is wrong so the problem will never resolve. This leads to the idea of enrolling yourselves into couple therapy, which in itself is a very wise decision to make.

When you get into couple therapy sessions, it is really simple and straightforward. Your counsellor is most likely to counsel you together and then individual. This process requires a lot of straight forward answers. Remember that your therapist is trained in understanding what lies beyond the surface. Your body language, your mind and your ideals will all be pieced together. The thoughts, actions and ideals of your significant other will also be processed by the therapist. It is only after this point that the root of the problem can be found.

Family therapy on the other hand is when your family has grown from couple related to issues into problems at a family unit level. When the thoughts implications and actions of a couple has an impact on more people than just the two of them, the damaging mental impacts can be fixed through family therapy.

Family therapy is usually sought after when the family has undergone a tremendous loss. There is a great displeasure in the house due to the lack of communication or certain actions of one member that are causing problems to everyone else. This could include a misbehaving child or adult. There could be substance abuse, physical abuse, attitude problems, financial crunch and all kinds of other problems that could trigger displeasure within the family, all of which can be rectified through family therapy.


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