Mental Health Therapist For That Much Needed Mental Peace

Who is a mental health therapist? Just as every organ falters from it’s regular functioning and requires the help of a professional to rectify it, similarly when there are issues that prevent the mind from thinking straight, a mental health therapist is required.

It is important for people to realise that enlisting the help of a mental health therapist is not wrong. It definitely does not mean you are mentally stable, in fact it means that you are mentally sound enough to recognize that your mind has a problem that needs to be fixed by a specialist.

When you visit a mental health therapist, be open minded to change. You need to make yourself available to the therapist mentally, answering questions truthfully and participating in the therapy session whole-heartedly. The duration and the progress of the therapy will depend on just how participative you are.

Finding a good mental health therapist in Mumbai would require a lot of referencing. Ask your peers and family doctors to recommend a good therapist. Contact this person and go through the first session to see if you are comfortable with them or not.

Once you have established connection with a mental health therapist in Mumbai, remind yourself that you need to be patient to see the results. Be focused in helping your therapist identify your problems. The process of therapy may involve – talk therapy, cognitive or behavioural therapy, medication or even a complete lifestyle change.

ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, a general feeling of blues or basically any feeling  that is out of the normal and ordinary could require therapy and visiting a mental health therapist. Once the route cause of the problems are identified, the therapist may require the involvement of those around you such as parents, children or your spouse that may be hindering your growth and creating that feeling of depression and anxiety. In this case the individual therapy branches out into group and family therapy sessions.


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