Tears, Tantrums And Troubled Teens

School is hard. School is super hard. But some kids find it a little more difficult to cope with it than others. Their behavioural patterns often go undetected because all children pretty much act the same. In order to know whether your child is in need of a child psychologist, communicate with your child.
Ask your children the right questions. Why don’t you want to go to school? Who are your friends at school? Do you finish your lunch everyday? Do you like to share? A subtle approach towards topics like bullying, where a child may be scared to open up, works best. If you are unsure of whether your child needs help, visit the psychology department of your child’s school or a local health department.

As most professionals who practice as a child psychologist, talk therapy, game play and arts are the most common way for them to engage and interact with children. If the children find their comfort  zone with this child psychologist, the chances of the child opening up to them are higher.
This will help you identify why your child is unhappy and help you identify a pattern that helps pull him out of it.

As far as little ones are concerned, a child psychologist can work their way through in most cases through stories and crayons. Teens on the other hand are quite the task. A therapist for teens is one who knows when and how to talk to a teenager.  They have ways to extract information from the teenager to help identify what exactly is bothering that child.

A therapist for teens probably has the toughest of tasks, so when you chose one, find someone that your child identifies with. This isn’t an interaction with yet another adult that they want to shut out. This has to be someone who can relate to them.

Sometimes a more vigorous approach needs to be taken with teenagers. Sometimes you need somebody who is stern on the one hand but is also available to communicate with the teen on the other hand.


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