Marriage Counseling

Marriage is often said to be a science in itself. Uniting two equals together, living under one roof, both with active careers and social lives can often lead to stress and problems. But every dark cloud has a silver lining. For marriages it’s marriage counseling!
With the growing number of disparities between couples in this modern era, marriage counseling and seeking out of marriage and family therapist is very common.

There are a number of reasons a couple could grow apart. Sometimes the problems are internal. The lack of compatibility on either a physical, intellectual or spiritual level on a regular basis can create conflicts. Couples tend to grow apart and this has a heavy impact on an individual’s life. Both the people involved in the relationship can exhibit symptoms of anger, depression, sleeping or eating disorders etc. When it reaches a stage like this a couple can opt for two options:
1) Seek marriage counseling.
2) Seek divorce.

As a professional that conducts marriage counseling in Mumbai, I often meet couples who come in for therapy. There are all sorts of reasons that bring about a setback in a couples married life such as – An extra marital affair.
– Financial pressure
– Lack of communication between the two

Those that whole-heartedly participate in the session conducted by their marriage and family therapist often see results. Marriage counseling can only take you upto a point, it is the promptness from the couple’s end to change that shows results that will last for a lifetime.

Marriage counseling in Mumbai is not uncommon. From celebrities to the common man, we’ve all evolved as people to become problem solvers rather than just discard it altogether. Atleast this is my perception as a marriage and family therapist.

In all honesty there are very few issues that are completely irrevocable. With trust, faith, honesty and a professional that helps facilitate the change, every couple can overcome obstacles in their married life.

Marriage counseling is not just restricted to younger couples from the current generation, a lot of older couples also come in to resolve family issues that may have cause a once loving relationship to deteriorate. It is never to late to visit a marriage and family therapist and fix the problem.


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