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Every couple has small problems between them every now and then. But these problems are usually solved by those two people and then they move on from it. If matters get a little worse, then they make seek help from their immediate family or close friends who know them well to reach some solution about their issue. But what if the problem between them has actually burned all the bridges of reconciliation between them? What if no matter what they do, they are not able to reach any conclusion?

This is when the best idea would be to see a marriage and family therapist. A couple therapists would listen to both sides of the stories, who did what and why and will make them sit down and see things clearly. A couple therapists may also give exercise to the couple regenerate and establish trust between them once again.

It is very important for the two people in the subject to have a well-structured conversation with both parties open to each other’s point of view. At the end, they might even realise that all the chaos was just a part of bunch of misunderstandings and nothing more. It is vital for both parties to keep their minds open during this conversation.

A therapist providing couple therapy Mumbai based has listed some of the common issues that occur between a couple that is bought to their table.  Most common ones were distrust because of cheating, want for power in he relationship, lack on intimacy (both mentally and physically), lack of communication and attention, financial crisis, death in the family, past issues and illness.

It is very important to solve issues in an organised manner. This way, you can reach a solution that is always going to be good for your mental peace.


Everybody has their own share of ups and downs in their lives. As you adult, you learn all different perspectives in life. You learn important lessons that you will carry with your selves in life time. Most of the lessons that life teaches us isn’t something that we’ll learn in our textbooks in school. Every person carries their own baggage of hurt and scars, but in the end, life goes on the way it should. We cannot allow a dead ugly past to ruin our beautiful present. It is a philosophy given by many learned people as well. Agreed that we might be showing a very happy persona from the outside, but sometimes from the inside, we might be hurting, a lot. As years pass by, we learn to bottle these feelings up and throw the cork away.

However, eventually there comes a day when these feelings are going to reach the brink and burst out in a very ugly form someday. And that day, you need someone to talk to. We confide into our friend, partner or family. But sometimes their advice seems to not work too. In such a situation, the wisest thing that one can do is to visit a counselling psychologist. The psychologist is trained professionally to listen to the problems of their client without being judgemental and help them chalk out a plan that will help them walk out of their misery eventually.

Depression is a condition that is becoming more than common in the world today. But getting treatment to this is as important as any other illness. There are many centres providing depression counselling in Mumbai. They are dedicated not help their customers solve issues in the best possible ways.


No relationship is a cake walk. Each relationship sees its peaks and troughs. Not all days are great and not throughout the day will stay sharp. A little contradiction exists in each relationship, yet how the two individuals oblige each other’s needs and wishes and concerns, is what makes the relationship more grounded after some time. The butterflies of beginning days fade away sooner or later and the relationship begins getting steady. It is then that the issues start springing up. You begin to see your accomplice in various lights. You likewise demonstrate your diverse side to your partner too. Everything is in open out there once the early adrenaline surge relieves down.

Every issue has its own pace of getting solved. In any case, if the issue leaves hands, at that point it turns out to be important to incorporate another person in the wreckage who can enable us to get some clearness. A family therapist in Mumbai goes for helping you and your beau find that clarity. Problems start up when the two accomplices feel the other individual can’t comprehend their position. This clearly points out problems in communication. An advisor or a therapist will just encourage this procedure, keeping each side before the couple, to give them a reasonable picture and enable them to understand one another.

Different couples will have different issues and problems. Every issue needs an alternate method to handle the issue. An outburst happens when it is possible that one or the two people keep problematic sentiments avoided confrontation about any issue, supposing it may make the other individual furious. Communicating assumes a noteworthy part in the correct working of a relationship. Once a relationship transforms into a marriage, the cards played change completely. It is not additionally something you can just effectively separate. Marriage needs availability to acknowledge the individual in general with the dedication of being with them even in the hardest of times. A counsellor providing couple therapy Mumbai based may have a few activities to remake the enchantment in the relationship that appears to have lost.

There are a lot of issues that a couple treatment session can help resolve. In any case, one should remember that any sort of treatment or directing will just work when the two gatherings really need to make a move and need to spare their relationship. Something else, everything will simply be futile.

At the point when things go sore, it is constantly better to look for assistance from an all-around qualified proficient. You won’t just increase great bits of knowledge yet in addition get appropriate help that your relationship needs.

If there are children involved in the separation or are going to be affected by it in the coming future, it becomes important to see if they show symptoms of requirement of child therapy. Look out for differences in their behaviour and if you spot anything, see a therapist.


We all have issues at some level with people around us. It doesn’t generally need to be with an accomplice, it can be with a dear companion or a relative too. Family is the nearest bond that a man has. A family that is firmly sew endeavours to confront every one of the issues that come their direction together. Be that as it may, at times a few issues can be grim, that none of their endeavor really lands them with an answer. Sometimes, a family companion or a relative may turn out to help unravel the issues. However, when even that doesn’t work, it is the ideal opportunity for the family to approach a family specialist for family counselling.

A family specialist works straightforwardly with couples and family to enable them to tackle some conjugal or family issues. He or she turns into the middle person between the general populations included. Now and again all that a family or several necessities is to take a seat and discuss every one of the issues that they confront.

The typical explanations behind issues or why individuals approach family counsellor might be because of sudden passing of a relative that smash the holding between the family, monetary emergency, substance manhandle by one of the relatives, youngsters enduring in scholastics, wellbeing or mental issues with a relative, separation et cetera.

Looking for assistance from family advice works from multiple points of view. It indicates alternate point of view of the issue to every individual from the family and work towards each other’s acknowledgment by and by. A family specialist helps by giving some trust building activities to the family that fortifies the bond inside. Such family feuds or problems in family can affect a child gravely. Even then best child psychologist Mumbai based will suggest that it is of utmost importance to take care that the problems don’t affect the children.

This is additionally a method for enhancing the correspondence between the relatives and decreasing clashes that at present exist.


Many studies have shown and it is also a very popular belief that as the years are passing children are becoming smarter and smarter as the generations are passing. A kid born three years after the other would be smarter that the latter. This in turn gives rise to a good amount of competition between the children. This competition can be academic, like in studies, sports, other activities and it is found that it is usually the parents that pressurise the children to person better or be the best in the class and school. This in turn makes the children bitter against each other and they start seeing leisure activities like a competition too. It is good for children to have competitive spirit, but not to an extent where they turn sore towards each other.

But even after all this, the children manage to balance between their overloaded studies and extra-curricular activities. Even the best child psychologist in Mumbai would suggest that it is very important for the parents to understand that every child is different and is gifted in their own way. Motivating your kids to do better or giving them a little push is completely fine. It is true that sometimes as parents, you might know their potential more than they do. But at other times, you should also keep in mind their capacity to do stuff, to grasp knowledge and to also consider their interest in a certain thing. Very often than not it is found that parents do have certain unfulfilled dreams of theirs which they might want to fulfil through their kids. This obviously is unfair on the part of the parent.

Today, there is also a growing concern over the rise in numbers of depression cases that come to a counsellor who deals with behavioural therapy for children in Mumbai. It has been found that some of the major reasons that the problem of depression is growing in kids is parental pressure and pressure from teachers to perform better, peer pressure (where the child feels as though they would be left out if they don’t do certain thing in a certain way just like other kids), expectations from themselves and many other things.

So what can we as adults, parents and guardians do to protect our children from such a misery? The first and foremost thing to do is to let them be. Let them be how they are and do not go to cut their dreams and aspirations just because the society thinks in a certain way. Secondly, be their support. Children look up to their parents for validation when they are doing something good and something right. It motivates them to do further good. Hence, whenever your child achieves something celebrate with them. But also, at the same time, if they fail to achieve a goal or they go wrong somewhere, let them know that you are there for them always. Tell them it is okay to make mistakes and they only have to learn from them to never repeat them. You could go to a counsellor who practices depression counselling in Mumbai and you would get the same answer.

All these things might sound very little, but they count a lot when we deal with kids. A child’s mind is like a soft clay. It moulds the way you want it to. Sometimes the slightest of things can impact it in ways you do not know. Therefore, always be careful and give them all the love and support they need.


With constant deadlines and the pressure to perform better, we all are constantly burdened by something or the other. But all this stress and pressure that we put ourselves through comes with a price. It can cost us our mental peace, physical health and affects our work today. The more stressed out you are, the poorer you will perform at work. A little bit of pressure is good, but not so much that it pushes someone into depression. This condition might happen if a person feels disappointed in himself or herself to not have performed as per their potential or has not achieved or is not able to achieve what they want. If things get worse, they might also have to take a depression therapy.

Stress at work can lead to many problems in a person’s personal life as well with their partner. Lack of time and attention given to partner, lack of intimacy which can lead to more feuds and problems between the two love birds. There are times when things can go so out of hands that a couple may have to consult a counselling psychologist for couple therapy Mumbai based if staying in the city.

It is very important, therefore, to pay some attention to oneself and your relationships around. If you are at ease, so will your mind be at ease and you will perform better. Your productivity at work is inversely proportional to your mental state. The healthier, fresh and tension free your mind is, the better at ease you will be with the tasks at work. If you get into the spiral of negativity, it is surely going to impact you at work.


Family is one of the biggest backbone and support in a person’s life. It is that support system which he or she can fall back and be sure to not be judged or left alone to suffer in silence. But what when this big pillar in a person’s life itself sees a threat. What when this major foundation starts falling apart. Every family at some or the other time sees and faces problems which they tackle together. But when the situation starts getting out of hands and the family finds it difficult to reconcile, it is important to opt for family counselling.

Problems in a family can occur due to many reasons. The reasons could be financial, someone’s death in the house, illness, some calamity that happened with the family, divorcing parents, problems in the kids’ life and a lot more. If the problem within the family has risen due to fight between the couple, then they should definitely consider getting a couple therapy for the same. A counselling psychologist for couple will first make the couple sit for a talk and patiently listen to all the problems that they have within themselves. He or she helps the couple try and understand each other’s point of view in an issue. Some reasons as to why problems between couples can crop up are distrust due to cheating, bad past of one of the partners, lack of sexual intimacy, financial issues, ego clashes, problems with each other’s family, lack of time, neglection and so on. A psychologist believes that there is no problem that cannot be dealt without talking it out in a civil way.

However, this does not apply in cases where there is abuse, emotional and physical involved within a couple.

For any relationship to flourish, it is very important to have a good communication and rapport set between the said parties. This not only rules out the misunderstanding due to miscommunication, but also gives way to non-judgemental understanding, acceptance and a strong sense of trust.

It is a high possibility, that a person facing challenges and difficulties from all nook and corners of life may some day give up, loose hope and slip into depression. Sometimes, all the energy that a human put in these never ending problems is just lost and he or she may also loose the will to fight back. There is a thin line between sadness and depression. The state of feeling sad ends once the problem ends. But in depression, a person can continue to feel sad even though there might be no problem at all. In such cases it is important that this person gets a depression therapy by visiting a counsellor. The counsellor may not provide hard and fast solution to his or problems, but will surely guide the, through it.